Power Supply Models

800-0232 Model 3612

800-0174, 0175 Animotion Transformers

Specifications - click on part number for datasheet

800-0232, 0233 Model 3612
This is a 10kV universal high voltage power supply for driving practically any sign from 2-10kV at up to 27mA. Everbrite's proprietary anti-bubbling and anti mercury migration waveforms are also included. This model includes a dual channel auxillary output to drive additional parts. These additional parts can be the Everbrite Animotion system, or special LED sequencers.

800-0174, 0175 Animotion Transformers
These are the destributed 2kV step-up transformers to power individual segments of glass.

These are power reduced residential versions of the standard 226 & 3610

800-0108, 800-0134 (IEC) Model 226R Small to Medium Sign Residential
800-0250, 800-0251 (IEC) Model 3607 Medium to Large Sign Residential

These are older versions of these system parts.

800-0112 Model MP12
800-0128, 800-0129 (IEC) Model 2612
800-0065, 800-0159 (IEC) Animotion Transformers

NOTE: The (IEC) models have an IEC-320-C14 socket on the end of the power supply case, rather than a power cord. This connection is just like a computer or monitor, and can use the same power cord.